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Website Planning

Dynamic websites

Is it worth creating a website?

Having a website is a must! Many are unsure that this will lead to customers and sales. But practice shows that developing your business through online presentation is an effective and reliable way of attracting potential customers to your business. For your website to be attractive to visitors, it must have a contemporary design that meets the latest trends. The content of the website should be well structured and clear and the information easily accessible.

We offer complete web site design and creation – static and dynamic, with an admin panel and information management capability, search engine optimization (SEO), hosting and domain support, web site support, and additional system development and training us.

Online shops

Increase Your Sales!

Today’s websites are a crucial factor for business success. They allow you to present your products and services to potential online users at any time and from any device. Every merchant needs an online store – consumers shop online every day and this will greatly increase your sales.

Online payment

More than half of website traffic is smartphone traffic. Therefore, it is important that your website is personalized for all devices. We work with the latest technology and can build an easy-to-use online store system compatible with all devices and browsers.

Wireframes. User experience concept

UX/UI design

We offer unique designs!

In addition to complete website design, we can create you creative logos, brochures, business cards and other prepress promotional material. We work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. It is important for us to create unique designs that clearly match your brand and business.

Work process

It is very important for us that the customer remains satisfied. Take a look at our work steps and make sure we do everything with pleasure and create quality projects.

Step 1


After you contact us, we can arrange a meeting or talk on the phone or chat. We will send you a questionnaire to complete.

Step 2


We review the completed questionnaire from you and send you an offer tailored to your needs and budget. We buy hosting and domain.

Step 3


We start the real work on the site. Construction time depends on the size of the project. We keep in touch when needed.

Step 4


When the site is completely ready, we perform testing, optimization and prepare a user guide, if necessary.

Step 5

Final steps

When tested, it can be put online and advertised and used freely.

Step 6


We continue to maintain and update the site. If needed further development, we are always there.

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  • Dynamic websites
  • Online shops
  • UX/UI design
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We are a young and ambitious team who decided to turn their hobby into a business. We have been involved in creating websites and online stores for years.

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